B&R Steel Ltd offers R C FRAMES services for construction projects


Concrete Frames this is B&R Steels main area of expertise. Our highly skilled labor force work to the highest of standards in a safe manner to achieve your deadline. Our key areas include construction of reinforced concrete sub and super structure frames.
Concrete framing is a common element in modern buildings and a quick way to achieve the skeleton of a building.
Unlike residential housing, commercial projects benefit from concrete framing in both the ability to bare weight and is cost efficient. Concrete is completely scalable.
So please give us a call or email to discuss your project we would be happy to help.
B&R Steel Ltd has been in the R.C. FRAMES business for over 30 years. We’ve completed projects in a number of different settings. We are focused on delivering the best service. If you’re looking for R.C. FRAMES experts that serve THE SOUTH OF ENGLAND, you’re in the right place ! 
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