B&R Steel Ltd offers R C FRAMES services for construction projects


Concrete Frames this is B&R Steels main area of expertise. Our highly skilled labor force work to the highest of standards in a safe manner to achieve your deadline. Our key areas include construction of reinforced concrete sub and super structure frames.
Concrete framing is a common element in modern buildings and a quick way to achieve the skeleton of a building.
Unlike residential housing, commercial projects benefit from concrete framing in both the ability to bare weight and is cost efficient. Concrete is completely scalable.
So please give us a call or email to discuss your project we would be happy to help.
B&R Steel Ltd has many years experience in the RC Frames sector working on a wide range of commercial and private developments. We are focused on delivering the best service. If you’re looking for R.C. FRAMES experts that serve THE SOUTH OF ENGLAND, you’re in the right place ! 
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